Magic Rinse is a spot free car wash filter that removes minerals, salts, and sediment from your rinse water. Use it on your cars, boats, and other vehicles, home windows, and other places you want a spot-free rinse, giving you the best finish possible every time!

Q. How long will a Magic Rinse cartridge last?
A. They will typically last for 15 to 20 washes. 

Q. How do I know when it’s time to replace my Magic Rinse cartridge?
A. When the cartridge media is exhausted, spots may begin to re-appear.  This is an indication that it’s time to replace the cartridge.

Q. How does Magic Rinse work?
A. Magic Rinse uses deionization resin to exchange mineral ions for hydrogen ions, thereby removing dissolved minerals which leave water spots.

Q. What types of water will Magic Rinse work with?
A. All water types: hard or soft, city or well.

Q. Can I use Magic Rinse without the fine-spray nozzle?
A. The success of the system depends on the water making contact with the deionization media in the cartridge. The reduced flow is necessary to allow enough time for the resin to do its job.

Q. What are the dimensions and weight of Magic Rinse?
A. Magic Rinse is 12” X 5” and with a cartridge weighs less than 5 pounds.

Q. Can I use hot water through Magic Rinse?
A. No, Magic Rinse is for cold water use only.

Q. How do I clean my Magic Rinse?
A. Do not clean unit with chemical solutions or solvents.  Use only warm water with mild soap, if necessary.  Rinse well with clean water.

Q. Will I need a special hose to use Magic Rinse?
A. Magic Rinse is designed to use a standard garden hose which fastens directly on to the intake fitting.

Q. Can I use Magic Rinse to rinse the soap from my vehicle after washing?
A. Magic Rinse is designed as a final rinse solution.  Wash your vehicle (or windows, etc.) with your preferred cleaner, and do an initial rinse as you would normally.  Then use Magic Rinse to thoroughly but lightly rinse vehicle from the top down.  This should take about one minute for an average car and no longer than two minutes for large vehicles.  The fine spray is all that’s needed to rinse impurities away.

Q. What surfaces can I use Magic Rinse on?
A. Cars, trucks, boats, bikes, windows, RV’s…anywhere you want spot free rinse results.

Q. What kind of water pressure can I expect when using Magic Rinse?
A. The operating pressure range for Magic Rinse is 20 to 100 psi (140 to 690 kPa).

Q. Do you ship to Canada?
A. Yes we do, however shipping charges may apply.

Features & Benefits:

* No hand drying Saves time.

* Provides a spot-free shine to vehicles, windows, etc. for the best possible appearance.

* Attaches quickly & easily to a standard garden hose.

* Heavy-duty construction provides a long and trouble-free life.

* Made in the USA.

* Free Shipping,

With Magic Rinse's de-mineralizing media, impurities are eliminated, leaving no spots. And without the hand-drying work!