Magic Rinse saves me so much time! I have a black truck that used to take me forever to "rub down" after washing but not anymore!- Frank W.
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Magic Rinse is a spot free car wash filter that removes minerals, salts, and sediment from your rinse water.  Use it on your cars, boats, and other vehicles, home windows, and other places where you want a spot-free rinse, giving you the best finish possible every time!
Without Magic Rinse With Magic Rinse

Magic Rinse leaves a brilliant finish on your car, boat, or home windows, without the extra work of hand drying!  With the technologically advanced filtration system in Magic Rinse, water is delivered de-ionized to virtually eliminate all suspended and dissolved spotting substances.

Cartridges will typically last for 15 to 20 washes depending on water quality.  Works with all water types: hard or soft, city or well.  Simply attach Magic Rinse to your garden hose and rinse all the impurities and minerals that will otherwise cause water spots on surfaces.  Grab extra cartridges here!

Other popular products claiming to give you a spot-free rinse last for only a couple of washes.  Your time and money is too precious to waste on these ineffective products.  Get the original car wash filter that’s still the best...

Features & Benefits:

* No hand drying – Saves time.

* Provides a spot-free shine to vehicles, windows, etc. for the best possible appearance.

* Attaches quickly & easily to a standard garden hose.

* Heavy-duty construction provides a long and trouble-free life.

* Made in the USA.

* Free Shipping (Contiguous USA).

With Magic Rinse's de-mineralizing media, impurities are eliminated, leaving no spots. And without the hand-drying work!